Heating and cooling systems can sometimes be an easier fix than you may imagine. Sometimes a circuit breaker has simply tripped or a fuse has been blown. If this is not the case though‚ you may have a blown pilot light. Though the fix may still be simple‚ it would be a good idea to hire a trained professional in to address major problems in order to be safe rather than sorry.

In this section you find

Service & Repair

Complete Solutions

Complete Refrigeration is a full service company that is capable of full filling your service repair and installation needs. We are a 24 hour multi repair/service company that services the following:

¬ Reach–in‚ walk–in‚ chillers‚ and under counter systems
¬ All types of refrigeration
¬ Process Chillers and Piping
¬ Heating and cooling systems
¬ Combustion Burner Service
¬ Boiler Service
¬ Building environmental controls
¬ Ice–machine service‚ filter changes‚ cleanings & sanitizing
¬ Exhaust systems and fans
¬ Kitchen and food service equipment
¬ Hot water tanks and boilers
¬ Condensing cleaning program
¬ Preventative maintenance program
¬ Commercial Appliance Repair
¬ Back Flow Certification
¬ Minor Electrical
¬ Residential Heating and Cooling

24 Hour Service

Complete Support
Our experienced team are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We understand how critical your heating and cooling can be to your commercial‚ industrial‚ or residential location. Each service call is different and we cater our support specifically to your immediate needs. It is our goal to provide our customers with quick and reliable support anytime of the day or night.