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Heating FAQ

These are the questions that our customers usually ask about heating.

How often do I need to service my furnace?

It all depends on the environment your furnace is running in. If your furnace or boiler is running in an environment that has a lot of dust or animal hair‚ then it might be worth it to have your furnace checked once a year. If your furnace is running in a relatively clean environment‚ you can probably get away with 2 or 3 years.

How often do I need to change my furnace filter?

A dirty air filter can cause big problems on a furnace heating exchanger and furnace blower motor. A heat exchanger is like your car engine if you don’t have enough air (antifreeze) removing heat off the surface it runs too hot in the winter. If you have air conditioning a dirty filter can cause the “A” coil that circulates freon located on top of the furnace to freeze in the summer. A dirty air filter can also cause the furnace blower motor to pull more electricity and over heat as well. My advice would be to change the furnace filter at least once every 4 to 6 weeks during heating season and for air conditioning once a month.

Why is the furnace blower motor running but no heat is coming out?

1.) The igniter (no more pilot takes the place of the pilot on newer furnaces) is bad and needs to replaced. 2.) You have a dirty filter and the high temperature limit tripped the furnace to run the fan constantly without heat to cool the furnace. If the fan doses not shut down and allow the heat to start the limit may need to be reset. 3.) The thermostat in the home maybe in the fan/on mode.

Cooling FAQ

These are the questions that our customers usually ask about cooling.

Do I need service if my air conditioner seems to be operating fine?

Yes. Simply because there is cool air blowing from your house air ducts does not mean you’re getting all the cooling air conditioned comfort you’re paying for.

What kinds of things can cause my air conditioner to operate inefficiently?

A dirty air filter‚ Improper refrigerant charge and air flow are the biggest culprits. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to overwork. The same is true if the air flow across the inside coil is low‚ the coil may need to be cleaned.

Why is there ice on the compressor‚ pipes going to AC coil attached to furnace or air handler inside?

You may have a dirty air filter or you are low on Freon. Turn the cooling off at the thermostat and turn the fan mode at thermostat to on and let it run for several hrs or till the ice is melted‚ replace filter if needed. Turn thermostat back to cool and monitor situation.

Is it a good Idea to run the fan on thermostat all the time to circulate air?

We recommend for homes in summertime to run the fan all the time to circulate the air conditioned air. This will keep a more constant temperature throughout the house. In homes with vents on the floor it helps to keep the air from stratification (a blanket of hot air on the ceiling and cold air on the floor). Ceiling fans are important too. In summer turn them clockwise, in winter counter-clockwise. Your air conditioning will come on and off by the thermostat but the fan will run constant.